“My name is Chris, my folks did the best they could”: this is the titlesong’s opening line of Chris Peeters’ debut album “My name is Chris”.  (Watch video!) Instantly the tone is set for this lighthearted album on which the cute, sometimes a little crazy songs will make sure you’ll break into a smile while listening.

On her album she combines light swing with a spicy and energetic pop sound. 
She has a strong preference for an honest and intuitive musical approach, that’s why she decided to record her album live with a band.
For this album she combined forces with producer Dennis Kolen (Wyatt, Dennis Kolen, Stefan Schill) and mixer Huub Reijnders (Bløf, Giovanca, Valerius).

Chris grew up listening to Anita O’Day, Billie Holiday, Blossom Dearie and Madeleine Peyroux. These singers are now her main examples in music.
She went to the Rotterdam academy of music and graduated as a jazz singer. Ever since she’s following her wayward path as a vocalist and songwriter. Spot-on timing and flawless melodies are her trademark. With her subtle and warm performances she brings audiences into ecstasy. In the meantime Chris has emerged into a well-rounded musician with a distinct feel for sound an style.

Chris has performed on several jazz festivals in Costa Mesa (USA), Breda, Frankfurt, Wageningen, Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Prague en North Sea Jazz in The Hague.
This year she won the Japanese "Kobe Jazz Award" and played at the 'Kobe Jazz Street Festival' in Japan.

Her debut album “My name is Chris” is released on September 13th, 2011.

‘A completely natural feel for rhythm and timing (...) every word from her mouth is delightful, tasty, fresh and right on spot’


‘An incredible debut from someone who will, no doubt, be a prominent name in years to come (..) a voice to love and cherish right from the start’

‘A convincing debut (...) oddly delicious, a complete natural’

‘A crazy and eccentric debut. Songs, sound lyrics; a complete fit. Our favourite: Suit. Keep up the good work!’
Bart & Llewy - Relax

‘Chris Peeters delivered with this album a terrific debut. An exciting jazz promise that should revive the Dutch jazz scene for years to come!’
Dennis Kolen